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Product Tour: Multisensory Materials

Alphabet Mats & Letter Sets
Alphabet mats and letter sets provide effective, engaging teaching tools that enable teachers to deliver instruction in alphabetic knowledge, decoding, and spelling. Students manipulate letters as they learn letter names and sounds followed by opportunities to apply their knowledge to decoding and spelling strategies. With 15 uppercase and 15 lowercase alphabet mats and their corresponding letter sets, these materials facilitate large and small group instruction in the classroom.


Letter-Sound Review Deck

The Letter-sound review deck provides
opportunities for students to discover and learn the relationship between letters and their corresponding sounds. These cards reinforce letter/sound relationships with a riddle and key word that corresponds to the Sound Starters series.

Picture/Word Cards

Picture/word cards are a collection of 200 illustrations and corresponding print
words. These cards are incorporated throughout Teacher’s Guide lessons to help students discover relationships between sounds, printed letters, and words. They also serve as visual cues for sentence production, storytelling, and vocabulary development.



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