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Product Tour: Multimedia Materials

The Sound Starters Series
and Sound Stories Series

The Sound Starters series and Sound Stories series include colorful books that help students explore the connection between sounds, letters and words. The Sound Starters series includes a Big Book for the teacher to use in large groups, as well as three sets of 30 Little Books, a musical CD and corresponding audiocassettes. Students learn and remember the letter/sound relationships as they have fun with the alliteration and music. Using these books, students practice sound-symbol correspondence in a meaningful context.


The First Story Rhymes Series
and Second Story Rhymes Series

The Story Rhymes series includes exciting stories that expose children to frequently occurring rime units in engaging texts. Each title is provided in a Big Book format with four copies of corresponding Little Books, as well as videotapes, audiocassettes, and talking books on CD-ROM.

Big Books are ideal for shared reading experiences, while the Little Books with the accompanying audiocassettes are ideal for use in classroom listening centers. The books on videotape include multiple readings of the same story that expose students to varying levels of print. Students will enjoy the unique talking CD-ROM, which includes multiple story readings followed by interactive print activities.



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