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Earobics Reach– Early Preview

Accelerate Reading Success
Earobics Reach is a revolutionary, research-proven approach to build reading skills in the critical upper elementary and middle school grades. Designed to meet the needs of students reading below grade level, Earobics Reach provides a powerful, flexible and highly interactive student experience that motivates even reluctant learners.

Highly Regarded Author Team
Earobics Reach has a team of well-respected and distinguished authors who are deeply experienced in each of the areas of reading instruction, and who serve as advisors in developing the content, design and instructional strategies. To learn more, click on an author name below.

Shane Templeton  |  Tim Rasinski  |  Timothy Shanahan
Andrew Morrison   |  Ben Brady

Assessment and Performance Monitoring
Based on a comprehensive initial assessment and ongoing progress monitoring, Earobics Reach provides instruction tailored to each student’s specific needs. Integrated assessments automatically determine appropriate program placement. Ongoing progress monitoring stimulates student self-evaluation, and encourages the student to ask, “What do I know?”

Effective Instructional Strategies
Earobics Reach teaches skills and strategies in phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency as recommended by Reading Next, and uses intelligent technology that provides the precise amount of instruction, practice and application, with ongoing accountability to ensure genuine mastery is accomplished.

Highly Motivating and Engaging
A software-based reading solution, Earobics Reach provides a powerful, flexible and highly interactive student experience designed to motivate the struggling reader. Organized around high-interest subject areas and themes, students create on-screen virtual avatars that guide, coach and tutor while a unique reward system keeps students engaged throughout the learning experience.

Support for English Language Learners
Earobics Reach includes significant instructional support, select instructions in Spanish, and visual reinforcements designed to help students develop mastery with high-frequency words, phrases, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms.