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Assessment Management

The Earobics Assessment Roadmap is a powerful management tool that facilitates data-driven, individualized instruction. By aligning instruction to measures of literacy development including DIBELS, the Assessment Roadmap increases the effectiveness of instruction and prescribes targeted intervention support.

The Earobics Assessment Roadmap creates more effective intervention instruction by uploading assessment results from DIBELS and generating real-time reports of student performance with links to instruction specially tailored to each student’s needs.

With one click of the mouse, educators automatically set software instructional levels and access recommended lesson activities based on assessment data. These customized lessons effectively reach students through a “right-tool-for-the-task“ approach incorporating technology, multimedia, audio and video, and print materials.

Key benefits of the Earobics Assessment Roadmap:

  Organizes and uploads assessment data, providing an easy way to manage intervention needs at the district, school, classroom, and student level
  Enables educators to aggregate and disaggregate data using NCLB filters, comparing student demographics such as gender, language, ethnicity, Title I status, and special education status
  Enables the teacher to use assessment tools such as DIBELS to ascertain areas of deficit tied to RTI criteria and link to lessons aimed at improving those areas
  Links directly to a comprehensive collection of innovative lessons that address specific skills and incorporate technology, print, and multimedia into effective learning experiences that produce measurable results
  Charts student progress and tracks performance through graphical summary reports that support school and district planning and analysis
  Streamlines data input and administration so teachers can focus on their students, and schools can focus on meeting NCLB goals



Assessment Roadmap


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