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New Orleans Public Schools
New Orleans, La.

Students in New Orleans Public Schools dramatically raised their achievement on DIBELS. Earobics played a critical role in engaging those students and preparing educators to teach early literacy.

Montgomery Public Schools
Montgomery, Ala.

Montgomery Public Schools students achieved the largest reading gains of any district in Alabama on DIBELS, improving from 123rd to 17th out of 135 districts.


Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, Ill.

Students at Carson Elementary in Chicago outperformed their peers from other schools on the Illinois State Achievement Test. Carson students surpassed the district average passing rate by nearly 25 percent with the help of Earobics.


Jefferson County Public Schools
Jefferson County, Ky.

In Jefferson County, the percentage of students in Reading First schools who reached the benchmark on DIBELS increased by 32 percent from fall to spring after using Earobics.