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• Chicago Public Schools
• Polk County: Stanford-9 Assessment
• District of Columbia Public Schools
• Newport News Public Schools: PALS Assessment
• Newport News Public Schools
• Anne Arundel County
• Brevard County School District
• Culver City Unified School District
• Spring Branch Independent School District
• Daviess County Public Schools
• Northwestern University
• Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
• Los Angeles Unified School District

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Chicago Public Schools
Spring, 2000
Assessment Tools

• Phonological Awareness Test
• Test of Invented Spelling
• Test of Written Spelling-4
• Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test
• Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills
Areas of Improvement

• Phonological Awareness
• Phonics skills
• Decoding
• Spelling
• Vocabulary
• Auditory Memory

After using Earobics for only 12 weeks, 12,000 students in grades pre-K through three achieved dramatic, statistically significant gains in phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling, with some grades showing more than a full year's gain.


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Stanford-9 Reading
Comprehension Improvements