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Grant Writing

Once you’ve done the planning for your application, begin writing your proposal using the following steps:

Review the RFP

Take a look at the Request for Proposals (RFP) of the grant you’ve targeted. Familiarize yourself with the important deadlines, eligibility requirements, budget restrictions, and scoring rubric. Use the RFP as a guide to determine the content and style of your application. Begin collecting the information you’ll need to complete the application, develop an outline, and establish deadlines for completing content.

Begin with the Budget

Determine the amount of money you’ll need to adequately fund your application. Partner with education providers to help you establish the cost of your proposal, and develop an accurate budget to ensure your proposed project will run smoothly. Earobics is pleased to partner with interested schools and districts in developing the budget for proposed grants.

Focus on the Details

Collect detailed information to bolster your argument for why your school or district deserves funding for your proposed project. Student achievement data, socioeconomic conditions, and teacher education levels and needs all provide important data that strengthens a grant application.

Read, Review, Revise, Repeat

Note: Click below for a guided tour through each step.


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