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Customized Sessions

Before professional development begins, our specialists consult with district and school personnel to discuss their goals and develop a customized professional development program to meet those goals.

This consultation addresses each school or district’s:

  System of screening and assessment
  Core literacy curriculum
  Efforts to provide instruction for at-risk students and students with special needs


Earobics professional development specialists then work with school and district leaders to identify objectives for the program, establish timelines, incorporate a system for measuring objectives, and customize professional development sessions to the school or district’s needs.

Each session fosters an ongoing dialogue about effective, research-based teaching practices. Teachers come away with the ability to transfer the strategies they’ve learned to the instruction they deliver with other classroom materials, thus maximizing the value of the school or district’s existing resources.


To purchase professional development sessions for your district or school, or to speak to an Earobics professional development specialist, send an e-mail to or call 800-825-4420.